The following articles featured in previous issues of Réalta, written by MAC members. Feel free to use them but please acknowledge the copyright of the article to the author in question.


Are We Alone? by Declan Molloy, MAC

Auriga, The Charioteer by Michael O'Connell, MAC

Beginners Astronomy by Seanie Morris, MAC

Dark Matter by Maire McKay, MAC

Dunsink Observatory by Brian O'Halloran, Dunsink

Gemini, The Twins by Micahel O'Connell, MAC

In Search Of Planets Outside The Solar System by Girvan McKay, MAC

Is The Shuttle Worth It? by Seanie Morris, MAC

Magic Numbers by Máire McKay, MAC

Man And The Universe by Girvan McKay, MAC

Mythology, Astronomy, & Ancient Folklore PART 1 by Grainne Kirwan, MAC

Mythology, Astronomy, & Ancient Folklore PART 2 by Grainne Kirwan, MAC

Preserving Ireland's Dark Skies by Albert White, ILPAC

Stuff of the Universe by Maire McKay, MAC

Survival In Space by Girvan McKay, MAC

The Make Up Of The Moon by Tom Walsh, MAC

To Infinity and Beyond by Declan Molloy, MAC

Too close for comfort? by Seanie Morris, MAC

The Universe from your Backyard by Declan Molloy, MAC

The Vostok Mystery by Girvan McKay, MAC


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