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Réalta is the club's newsletter, produced monthly by its current editor, John Lally. Réalta has gone through a couple of different forms from when Sean McKenna started the first TAS Newsletter in 1988. Back then, Wordperfect was in fashion, Pentium was an unknown word, and only a handful of astronomy magazines worldwide existed.

As technology grew, so did the then-TAS Newsletter. From club news and events, to articles written by members, and astronomy news stories, it kept people almost as up to date as the top astronomy magazines at the time. With the creation of the TAS Junior Section in 1990/91, a new newsletter, Cosmos, was introduced for and maintaind by the Junior Section. Despite lasting only 2 years due to work committments, it was another first of its kind in Ireland, that an astronomy club had 2 simultaneous newsletters for its members for 2 simultaneously-running sections.

Later, in the 90's, the advent of Information Technology allowed for the Newsletter to become more popular and reach a wider audience. It grew from just being a 2 or 3 times a year newsletter to a bi-monthly club magazine. The club's publication was able to keep up with the times with excerpts from newspapers and magazines.

The title Réalta was introduced with the renaming of Irish Astrofest to Cosmos, and the official opening of the Observatory, all in 1998. TAS/MAC member Girvan McKay coined the term, using an accronym of Reviews, Events And Lectures - Tullamore Astronomy. By taking the first letter of each word, you also have the Irish for Star!

In 2000, the editing torch was passed to Seanie Morris. By this stage, the internet was everywhere, and from then on, Réalta was able to produce news stories a month ahead of the major astronomical magazines like Astronomy Now, Astronomy & Space and Sky & Telescope. It was still only a club magazine though, with a limited audience. Later in 2005 a deal was struck with a printing house that enabled 6 bi-monthly editions on glossy paper to be produced every year, copies of which were sold in local newsagents in Tullamore, often selling out!

Since 2008, existing editor John Lally took over editing and production, making Réalta a monthly newsletter. Articles are welcomed, and can be sent to


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